When Phones and Screens Fall

Daily life always amuses me. So many absurd things happen every day. Like getting lost or saying something completely unrelated in a conversation. Or, not so long ago, watching a little girl chase a bug-eyed squirrel around and around a tree, or laughing at a couple unconsciously trying to walk as close to each other as possible when each is holding an umbrella. Or having an old man stop to ask me if he has pigeon poop on his back. Or the irony of last year’s construction project that fixed everything on a flooding walkway…except the drains, so it floods again this year.

I work custodial.

Today, my amusement (say rather, my friends’ amusement), came in the form of me dropping my phone in a toilet. For a few brief moments I watched uncomprehendingly as it sank down, blowing bubbles. Then I grabbed it, lavished it in disinfecting chemical, and pried open the back. The battery is irremovable.

Today we have been doing a thorough cleaning of apartments that are in between residents. I knocked on a door briefly, key in hand, ready to unlock and start the process when…an old lady answered! I had been given the number of a resident’s home, not a turn-over apartment!

And finally, as we were about to leave work, I knocked a screen out of a window five stories high. Earlier in the day, I had been discussing with a co-worker how that was not possible.

So I rest my weary feet, laugh at life, and hear my phone hiccup from its bed of rice.



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