Quiet in Chicago: Holy Name Cathedral

Dear fellow downtown-dwellers (or visitors to the Loop),

Incessant noise, by nature, rules out silence. But silence is necessary for the human soul to grow through stillness, thoughtful reflection, meditation and prayer. So what are frazzled city folk to do to find peace, especially come weekends when you cannot see the sidewalk of Michigan Avenue for the people?

Cheer up, friends, there are places to go besides coffee shops. Some are even quite near by.

Holy Name Cathedral stands proudly near the intersection of State and Chicago. Opened in 1874, its Gothic Revival architecture breathes a space of other-world into downtown.

holy name cathedral.jpg2

Best of all, it is open to the public (but check online for scheduled weddings and Masses!). I was there this morning, reveling in the silence, the shining stained windows and the high and ornate ceiling. How space is manipulated and filled affects us in many ways. This cathedral lets you step into a sacred space for as long or short as you like. The silence there has a different quality than an outdoors-silence. It is pregnant with awe and the prayers offered between those walls for over a hundred years.

So, friends, may you find a space for peace this week…even in Downtown Chicago.


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