My Blessings: Lightning, Chopsticks, and Vanilla Cream Tea

It’s the time of the year when I paid my summer housing charges just to find all Fall’s school charges are on my account, kind of like someone dumping an elephant on you to carry.

Well, counting blessings is much more gratifying than counting dollars, so I decided to post some of the random delights of my life.

  • Thunder and lightning fit to wake the dead, right outside my window!
  • Hearing Mark Schultz in concert: the beauty of honest storytelling through song.
  • Riding in the laundry compartment of the guestroom cart (this is work).


  • My emergency pager going off Saturday morning because a toilet was overflowing.
  • Korean face masks.


  • Watching Yuna Kim’s impeccable figure skating, to the tune of Les Miserables. Every time you see music echoed in another art form, you hear it again for the first time!

  ±è¿¬¾Æ, ¿ì¾ÆÇÑ °¥¶ó¼î (¹êÄí¹ö=¿¬ÇÕ´º½º) ÇÑ»ó±Õ ±âÀÚ = ¿ª´ë ÃÖ°íÁ¡¼ö·Î ¹êÄí¹ö µ¿°è¿Ã¸²ÇÈ ÇÇ°Ü¿¡¼­ ±Ý¸Þ´ÞÀ» ȹµæÇÑ ±è¿¬¾Æ°¡ °¥¶ó¼î ¿¬±â¸¦ ÇÏ°í ÀÖ´Ù. 28ÀÏ(Çѱ¹½Ã°£) ¹êÄí¹ö ÆÛ½ÃÇÈ Äݸ®½Ã¿ò. 2010.2.28 12:31:16/

  • Drawing a city is boring (so many lines!) but at least I have dear people to send letters to! (well, once I get their addresses from them…)


  • New coffee destination for hipster Chicago dwellers: Eva’s!!
Isn't it quaint? :)
Isn’t it quaint? 🙂
  • Skype calls to Germany and Congo.
  • Finding plantain chips from Peru that aren’t over-the-moon-expensive.
  • Watching a live production of Anne of Green Gables with a friend…and laughing heartily!

anne of gg2 anne of gg

  • Someone leaving behind her Vanilla Cream Spice tea – does that sound like my kind of tea or what??


  • Being asked by five store workers in one day if I need help with anything. (How clueless does this forest girl look??)
  • Seeing a beautiful, elderly lady in a headscarf. I approached her, said her scarf looked something like what I knew from Africa, and asked where she was from. She is the descendant of slaves, but she doesn’t know which African country she belongs too. She poured out her story, and her tears, and blessed my heart greatly. Kyrie Eleison, Lord have mercy on what my ancestors have done to hers!
  • Books that capture the imagination and convict the soul this week: A Leopard Tamed by Eleanor Vandervort and So, You’re Single by Margaret Clarkson. Both excellent.
  • Morning bike ride to the lake; before the general populace arrives and before work starts.
  • Strengthening arm muscles and bleaching my jeans simultaneously by scrubbing apartments every day this week – except beautiful Friday, when cleaning campus bathrooms in my work hours felt like a holiday!
  • Eating my bag of Doritos with chopsticks yesterday , and thinking nothing of it! (It works great to keep your fingers from getting covered in that orange dust) My lovely Japanese roommate is influencing me!



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