Wedding Wine: A Miracle

How glad I am, Jesus, that that was your first miracle!

You came into a world where seeking God meant getting lost in the legalism of Pharisees and enforced servanthood had made people desperate for a Messiah;

You came into a world where the people of God were enslaved to pagans, worshiping in a temple built by a hated ruler, where sacrifices brought profit to businessmen.

Into such a world, You came. And You turned water into wine.

Wedding wine.

The best of the best, an abundance beyond what the guests could drink, with a richness beyond what they could appreciate –

and the wedding wine was the kingdom of God, the proclamation of feasting and gladness.

As I see the servants dipping into those stone jars, I hear Isaiah cry out, “Come, all you who are thirsty, and drink, without money and without cost!”

And I love You, Jesus.

I love You for entering another stone jar to become wedding wine for all the nations to drink.

Your first miracle, it was just a glad whisper of the greater one coming.

Your disciples drank wedding wine, saw Your glory and believed.

We come to Your table now with Your children, one family across the globe and throughout time, and we drink Your bountiful blood.

Where else could we more clearly see Your glory, Jesus Messiah?

We believe.



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