Tyler, the Berry Boy

This is Tyler, the Berry Boy. He has a story.


Unfortunately, his story is still a toddler. I tried sitting down with it this morning, but it kept falling square on its bottom when it tried getting anywhere. Indeed, the story didn’t seem to know exactly where it wanted to go at all.

All Tyler will tell me is this: he’s a little boy who had a Firm Notion. You see, Tyler believed that all Blueberries were the only type of Berry in existence. For all of his seven years, Tyler lived with this Firm Notion unchallenged.

Until one day, when he found a bush of dark black Blueberries that were all out of shape. Distressed, Tyler concluded that the misfortuanate Blueberry bush had a serious case of mumps, bumps, and beasels. But when he set out to save them, he found more peculiar things: large, funnel shaped red Blueberries that grew close to the ground; small wee red Blueberries that also had the mumps and the thorns; and many others.

Soon Tyler was trying to save all these disfigured Blueberries to make them smooth and round and deep, deep blue again as all Blueberries ought to be. He hasn’t yet told me how he did this, or if he succeeded at all.

Of course, you and me know what Tyler didn’t, that strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, huckleberries, salmon berries, and all the other berries are all unique. While they’re all berries, they are also all different. And that is a very good thing, as anyone who eats berries will tell you.

I hope Tyler discovered this too. When I ask him if he did, he just stays silent.

And just now, when I tried to paint Tyler’s face in berry juices, I couldn’t find it. I tried several times.

So if you find Tyler before I do, and if he has grown up at all, then be sure to ask for his story and remember his face. (I think there was something about a Grandma in his story.) And please let me know if Tyler ever found out the truth about berries.


2 thoughts on “Tyler, the Berry Boy

  1. I think I might have met Tyler, or some fellow with some sort of similar notions because this story sounds familiar. He’s like the antonym of the barbarian princess with fiery red hair. What was her name again?

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