Guess What?

One of my all-time favourite questions is “Guess what?” The minute someone says it, a hundred random guesses flood my mind. 


You found a purple hippo,

and gave him a bubble bath,

but he didn’t fit in the tub,

so you squished him into half?


You climbed a Fall-ish maple

to float a thousand keys?

You stucked your tongue in toothpaste,

and gave the moon a squeeze?


You planted a tree upside-down,

and have to dirt the roots?

(But now you have this problem,

you have to dig for fruits.)


You can cartwheel down stairs

and hand-stand back to the top?

You’re rocketing to Venus,

and doing karaoke with a mop?


You turned your toes upside down,

and fed the dog the ham?

You rolled down ever grocery aisle

chasing Mary’s little lamb?


You said to guess! Have I guessed enough?

I’ve guessed far and near and big and small!

What? You’re coming to visit?

Why, that is best of all!

And when you come, guess what we’ll do?


We’ll find a purple hippo,

we’ll give him a bubble bath.

And when he doesn’t fit the tub,

we’ll squish him into half.


We’ll climb a Fall-ish maple

and set lose a thousand keys,

we’ll stuck our tongues in toothpaste,

and give the moon a squeeze…


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