David wrote in the Psalms that at the ends of the earth the dawn and sunset shout for joy. Have you noticed how many times the righteous, the sky, all of creation shout for joy in the Psalms? That it isn’t a shout “with joy” but a shout “for joy”, a simple, heartfelt shout coming from awestruck wondor of the greatness of our God, our Creator?  The country I live in is stunningly beautiful, and the life I live is full of joy. This blog is to allow you to see a little bit of this “end of the earth” and to shout for joy with us, for our God is a GREAT GOD!

This blog is intended to be a sort of photo album which can go together with http://www.mightydeeds.wordpress.com , a blog about the amazing things God is doing in the lives of ordinary girls. It’s not bound to following the flow of it’s sister-blog, though, so the pictures will hopefully give a good overall view of our life, our faith, and our friends.

When you know the Creator, the creation becomes so much more beautiful. There is life everywhere. Keep shouting for joy!


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